Hazelnut Energy Bites

Hello my name’s Alice and I’m a Nutella addict.

Correction: I used to be a Nutella addict. When I was a 22-year-old sugar addicted yo-yo dieter I could sink a jar of Nutella in one sitting, whereas now I think it tastes too weak/watery and the sugar is overpowering (sorry Nutella lovers).
Having been baking with unrefined sugars and raw cacao for about two years now I definitely don’t enjoy processed treats as much. Oh dear.. that sounds so high and mighty. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat processed sweets and chocolate occasionally, mainly when I’m bored and too lazy to make my own treats. If I had more self control I’d make these in bulk and freeze them but my consumption rate would just increase and they’d still be finished in the same amount of time.

I like to think of this as a Nutella X Ferrero Rocher hybrid and just to put their taste into perspective I’ve eaten three whilst typing this post. Sorry, not sorry.


100g dates

75g raw hazelnuts

75g chopped and toasted hazelnuts

45g coconut oil

20g raw cacao

1 tbsp maple syrup


  • Place the raw hazelnuts on a baking tray and roast at 150C/300F for 10-12 minutes, shake once or twice throughout to avoid burning.
  • Once roasted place in a blender and blitz until they form a smooth paste – this can take quite a few minutes of earsplitting blending and continuous scraping off the sides of the blender but please persevere, you want it to turn into a nut butter.
  • Once the hazelnuts resemble nut butter add the dates, cacao, maple syrup and coconut oil and blend again for about a minute, or until everything is mixed evenly.
  • Decant the batter into a bowl and add the chopped hazelnuts and mash together.
  • Roll into balls and refrigerate to allow to set.


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