Poached Eggs with Crayfish, Avocado and Mixed Leaves

I’ve been on a real poached egg kick recently. After meeting a chef last week who told me all the inside secrets on how to poach perfectly I haven’t been able to help myself and now consider myself to be somewhat of a poached egg connoisseur.
I’m sure I’ll screw them up next week and have to climb down off my high horse, but for now I’m riding it out. My go to dish is usually something with smoked salmon or bacon so today I decided to mix it up a little with some crayfish. The fact that they were half price in Tesco may or may not have had something to do with it too. I’m sure you can all agree that paleo life can be expensive at times so I’m always looking for a bargain. Miraculously, for January in Scotland, it was blazing sunshine and mild enough to open the kitchen window and allow a breeze in (#globalwarmingguilt) which made it almost feel like summer.

Anyone that knows me well (or has ever had the pleasure of hearing me complain – sorry guys) knows that I really, really hate winter. As soon as it’s dark I lose all motivation to do anything relatively productive and if I’m the slightest bit cold I’ll just crawl into bed and mindlessly watch Netflix. So the weather today allowed for a wonderful change, I ate my poached eggs and then managed to get a ton of work completed! The problem with being super productive is I then think I’ve earned the right to be a lazy slob for the rest of the day (usually after I’ve completed two things on my To Do List). Currently battling through that urge by dragging my sorry butt to Starbucks to work on my website. Yes I’m that person with a laptop in Starbucks.


2 large eggs (as fresh as possible – makes for better poaching)

100g cooked crayfish

1/2 medium avocado

handful mixed leaves

1 small wedge of lemon

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar


  • Boil a deep pan of water and add the vinegar. When the bubbles start to rise (keep the heat steady so the bubbles look like Champagne) make a whirlpool with a spoon and crack the first egg into the centre. For the perfect poached egg it is recommended you poach them one at a time.
  • After 3-4 minutes take out first egg, drain and set aside. Add the second egg into the pan and time for another 3-4 minutes. If you prefer yolks runny three minutes is perfect, four minutes will get you a gooey yolk and five minutes will get you a solid yolk.
  • Whilst the eggs are poaching, slice the avocado, prepare the salad and place the crayfish on the plate.
  • About a minute before the final egg is poached add the other egg back in to warm it up again. Serve the eggs with the salad and squeeze the lemon wedge over everything.

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