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As far as resolutions go, I’m not very good at them. A couple of years ago I set a goal to respect other people’s time and stop showing up late for engagements with my friends and family. So far so good (I think – maybe my friends will disagree with this!), however, every other resolution seems to fall by the wayside around mid-January.

Except for this year! In January I made the decision to build a website and start archiving my recipes from Instagram, as well as occasionally blogging. Disclaimer: I am far from a professional writer so let’s just assume this is going to be my rambling thoughts on lifestyle, fitness, food and anything else that seems to be encompassing my world at that current point in time.

It’s been one hell of a labour of love and has definitely taken longer than planned. Original launch date was the end of January but then I realised WordPress is HARD. After many months I still struggle to even login to my website, so you can imagine it’s taken me a while to perfect the content and layout. But now it’s here. It’s live. And I’m so unbelievably proud of it. So it’s now ready for you all to read and hopefully benefit from the archived recipes, which I’ve tried to make as user-friendly as possible and in a way I would like to navigate if I was searching for a recipe. I am always open to suggestions and requests so just get in touch either by email or in the comments section. I love hearing from you all!

If you want to learn more about me click here to find out how I got started with the Paleo lifestyle (and generally all things health and fitness) in the first place.

Alice x

P.s. to say I did this fully alone would be a lie.. before I could launch I needed an expert opinion from a panel of judges. These little ladies volunteed without hesitation for the job. Here they are doing all they could to help! Thanks Martha B and Agnes.


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